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David Berrys' Walking Diary    (Puffin' up that Hill - No Problem!) Welcome To My Walking Diary

This mini website is intended to be a record of my walking experiences from  2009 onwards.

I hope it will help like minded people gain from my experiences in walking all over the UK, but mainly in England, and to prompt an exchange of views of benefit to the walking community in general.

Please feel free to browse as you wish, join in (or not) as you wish.

Enjoy your visit.

I am 53 years old, single and a self-employed driving instructor. Being self-employed, I get very little time away walking, so what I do get is very precious to me!

I try to walk whenever I can and am currently walking the Ouse Valley Way, bit by bit. What walking I do is mainly alone, because most of my friends now have health problems or think I am mad for walking so much..

Latest Adventure

From 21st of February 2009 I spent a week in the Lake District (a regular biennial event). Walking and climbing as usual, but also participating in my new found hobby of Geocaching.

My latest walks here.

> Geocaching Photos

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