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APEX Intensive Driving Courses

APEX Driver Training offers Manual  Intensive Driving Courses with or without a Theory Test included, however if you have not passed your Theory Test and you wish to book a 121 Driving Course which includes a Theory Test, then you must NOT book your course to start within the next 14 days. Courses are available within the following Postcodes: MK, NN, SG, LU, PE and  - Click here.

APEX Driver Training offers the following one week Intensive  Driving Courses:-

15hr, 20hr, 25hr and 30hr Intensive 121 Driving Courses all in just one week

(Sometimes called Crash Courses / Quick Pass or Fast Pass Courses)

APEX Driver Training also provide the following two week Intensive Driving Courses:-

30hr, 35hr, 40hr, 45hr, & 50hr Intensive 121 Driving Courses in two weeks

(Sometimes called Crash Courses / Quick Pass or Fast Pass Courses)

If you were to be unsuccessful we can offer the following Re-Test Driving Courses:-

5hr & 10hr Re-Test Driving Course

(Sometimes called Crash Courses / Quick Pass or Fast Pass Courses)

NEW FOR 2010

Weekend Driving Lessons {NO Driving Test Included} (Suitable as a kickstart before booking one of our driving courses)

4hr, 6hr, 8hr, 10hr, & 12hr

Unlike other Intensive Driving Schools, APEX Driver Training comes to you, instead of you coming to us. This makes learning to drive in one week easier and more relaxing.

We also Guarantee that you will be taught on a 121 ratio (some schools do 2:1 or even 3:1) This means you will be behind the wheel the whole time instead of sharing the driving with someone else, this gives you the best chance of passing your Driving Test first time.

Intensive Driving Courses are suited to someone who has a high level of concentration, as you will be given a lot of information over a short period of time & will be generally driving 5hrs a day however on some of our courses even 8hrs a day.

APEX Driver Training currently have Instructors within the Home Counties who teach Manual  Intensive Driving Courses with a very high 1st time pass rate. APEX Driver Training aims to achieve the highest standard needed to not only pass your driving test, but to drive safely for life

APEX Driver Training’s Instructors are CRB checked and are fully qualified Driving Instructors who are regularly check tested by the Driving Standards Agency "DSA" to ensure that their quality of instruction is continuously maintained. All APEX Driver Training Instructors display a green licence issued by the DSA whilst giving "paid for" lessons.

APEX Driver Training are not a Residential Driving School, our Instructors come to you instead of you coming to us. If you live in an area that we do not cover, you are welcome to stay with your friends, your relatives or in a Bed & Breakfast / Hotel within the areas that we do cover.

APEX Driver Training do not teach test routes, instead we teach you how to drive by reading the road ahead.

All intensive driving courses are booked under the provision that you are at the level recommended on our Which Course page. If this is not the case, or you are not at test standard on your test day, you may be refused the use of our Instructors car incurring the loss of test fee. The Instructors decision is final - for more information read our terms & conditions

APEX Driver Training cannot guarantee a Driving Test for the end of your driving course, however we do currently have an excellent record.


You must hold a valid UK provisional driving licence. Click Here for details on how to apply, alternatively if you are Driving in Great Britain (GB) as a visitor or a new resident Click Here.

APEX Driver Training Intensive Driving Course prices include the Practical Test fee (excluding extended tests), the Theory Test fee can be added to your course if required (not in the Re-test courses) and you also have access to one2one's FREE online Practice Theory Tests - to try our Free Theory Tests Click Here now.

We also recommend that you Study the Highway Code & the Show & Tell Questions that you will be asked at the start of your Driving Test.

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