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INo Verge Parking Zones

More and more of these legally enforceable zones are appearing in Bedford Borough. If you ignore them a Penalty Charge notice will be issued.

They are placed in areas where the Borough Council believes that parking on verges or footways present an obstruction or danger to pedestrians, buses or other traffic.

You will see this sign upon entering such a zone:-

At regular intervals (usually on lamposts) whilst driving within the zone you will see this sign:


Whilst you are within the limits of this zone, and taking into account other parking restrictions, you  MUST NOT park with your vehicle wholly or partially on the verge or footway.

The regulation is enforced by a "Parking Enforcement Vehicle" such as this. Note the camera on the roof:

When leaving the zone you will see this sign. You cannot then be sent a penalty charge notice by the Council, but could still be prosecuted if  your parking is considered dangerous or obstructive. Practical Driving Test candidates would fail their test if parking on any part of the verge or footway (see Highway Code rule 244)

“Thank you very much David. Passed second time, so happy! It’s been a very good experience and I had the best instructor in Bedford!”

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