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INo driver, especially learners, plan to get points on their licence and the best way to avoid it is to know the rules. You should read and have a working knowledge of the Highway Code. Convictions and penalties apply to provisional licence holders as well as qualified drivers. You do not receive leniency just because you are a learner.

The New Driver Act

Introduced on 1st June 1997, the Act requires you to lose your entitlement to drive if you accumulate six (normally twelve) or more penalty points (endorsements) within two years of passing your first Practical Driving Test. You would need to reapply for your Provisional Licence and pass both the Theory and Practical Tests again.

If you already have six or more penalty points at the time of passing the Practical Test, just one more point will invoke the Act.

Length of Endorsement (Penalty Points)

Endorsements must stay on your licence for a minimum of four years.If it was for Reckless/Dangerous Driving or results in a disqualification, The four years runs from the date of conviction. For other offences it is from the date of the offence.

For some offences the endorsement must remain on the licence for eleven years. Drink/Drug Driving, causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs, causing death by careless driving, then failing to provide a specimen for analysis.

Endorsement codes and penalty points

A full table of Endorsement Codes, Offences and Penalty Points are available here:-

“Yay! So happy to have passed! Thanks so much for being so patient with me - you’ve been really great with finding visual ways to explain things, though I promise I do listen when you’re explaining! See you for Pass Plus (probably) in the autumn :)”

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